3 Things You Want With Wedding Photography And Videography

If you are getting married in or around metropolitan Victoria, then you might be considering hiring a provider of wedding photography and videography. This kind of professional will do the important job of documenting your special day in both high-quality still images as well as live-action video.

The combination of wedding photography and videography providers gives marrying couples an amazing array of choice when it comes to how they want the memory of the most important day in their life recorded. New technologies, such as remote-controlled flying drones with stabilised cameras affixed to them, have allowed an unprecedented amount of freedom when it comes to capturing all 360 degrees of the ceremony, reception and everything else.

The following is going to examine some of the things you definitely want to have when you choose to hire wedding photography and videography.


1.   Professional drone piloting

As mentioned earlier, the new technology of affordable camera drones has allowed those offering wedding photography and videography new challenges and opportunities to delight and amaze their customers. Drones come in many varieties, with there being a spectrum of low to medium and high-end products.

However, you don’t just want to hire and old coot with a cheap drone and a camera – this end of the spectrum is for hobbyists and amateur filmmakers etc. You want to hire a professional who has a high-tier drone with a great camera and some proven piloting qualifications.

As with everything – you get what you pay for. Make sure you investigate the provider’s website so you can explore the kind of footage they have recorded in the past and gauge its quality.


2.   Good reviews

Because wedding photography and videography is so competitive as an industry, it’s a buyer’s market and you can afford to shop around and compare reviews of different providers. Most providers will display testimonials on their website, but you should go a little deeper and investigate other places people have left reviews where they can’t control it – Google, Facebook etc.

You should be able to glean a general idea of how good the provider of wedding photography and videography is and make a decision from there. It’s a good idea to go with someone that has been previously hired by someone else you know and trust.


3.   A positive attitude

Wedding photographer and his team taking prenup photos with the couple

When it comes time to interview your candidates for a provider of wedding photography and videography, you want to make sure you look for a few positive traits. First of all, they should show enthusiasm about the prospect of working with you and show interest in you as a couple – after all, it’s all about your relationship and the next big step.

When it comes to talk numbers, they should be clear and concise about what the costs will be. If there are areas where costs may change or vary, such as costs of overseas trips to a destination ceremony, they should be upfront with you about it.

You should only hire the provider of wedding photography and videography if you are fully confident that they will be able to execute the job you are acquiring them for, for an affordable price. Hopefully the information in this article has helped you.