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5 Reasons to Get Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Canberra

Do you consider getting workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra for your business but are unsure if it’s worth the effort?

This disease can be potentially serious and even sometimes lead to hospitalisation and death. The strain of the virus that causes it changes every year and affects people differently, making it important to get immunised against it annually. The shot is the most effective way to minimise your risk of contracting the disease.

This article shares five reasons why you should definitely consider investing in immunising your staff.

1.     Last year’s immunisation won’t cut it


Over time, the body’s immune reaction to the immunisation decreases, which means annual workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra are needed to maintain protection against the disease. Additionally, the virus responsible for the disease is in constant flux, which means the strain in the immunisation needs to be changed every year. So this year’s strain will be different to last year’s, essentially.

2.     Cut down on sick days

The virus causes around 1.5 million sick days due to illness across Australia every year. This adds up to huge costs for businesses, who could have avoided much of these financial losses by investing in an immunisation program.

3.     Maintain a healthy environment

As a business it is important to have professional standards. Your business should be a healthy, safe place for your employees, and a key part of ensuring that this is the case is by having annual workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra. Did you know that hundreds of Australians die every year due to this disease? Ensuring that your business provides annual immunisations may play a role in reducing this statistic.

4.     Improve productivity

Naturally, fewer sick days and healthier staff will equate to better business productivity. Happy, healthy staff will perform better, helping everyone involved get the money they deserve.

5.     Educate your staff

Many people avoid getting workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra because they believe they simply “won’t get sick”, or because they think it’s not that bad – that it’s just like the common cold. In reality, it is possible for anyone to get a bad bout of the virus, resulting in serious illness and even potential death. This is why it is so vital to ensure your employees are aware of the dangers of not being immunised, as well of the benefits of getting the shot.

Additionally, there is a bit of misinformation out there regarding the disease. Ensure your staff know that the immunisation cannot give someone the disease. Side effects are only mild for most people – it’s usually just a bit of soreness and maybe some aching. And taking antibiotics does not treat this disease. The disease is caused by a virus, not bacteria, so antibiotics are useless against them.


How to get workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra

To request workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra, simply contact your provider of choice and ask for a quote. They will then organise a good day and time to come to your property. On the specified day, a team of experienced and trained nurses will administer the immunisations to your staff. This service is quite affordable, costing around $15-20 per person.

While workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra don’t guarantee your staff won’t get the disease, it does provide a high level of protection – it is between 50-60% effective for most people. This is both a cost-effective and ethical way to support your employees and ensure the professionalism and good reputation of your company. Get in touch with your local provider to find out more.


Why It May Be Worth Spending A Little Bit More Money When It Comes To Purchasing Bongs

Spending money is something that will either give people a great deal of anxiety or that will give them a great deal of joy. And then in some cases, people may find that they experience both anxiety and joy because they know that they want to purchase an item but then they feel panicked about the money that they just spent. This is why it is so important for people to put aside play money that they are able to spend on whatever they want so that they are able to enjoy the small things in life.

This is also a good thing to do so that people are able to spend money on good quality items and that they are not too worried about the bottom dollar as they actually have given themselves a budget. When people do this, they don’t have to buy things that are not of good quality and that are likely going to quickly break or perhaps are not that good for them. As most people out there will be focused too much on the cheapest option possible, this post will look at why it may be worth spending a little bit more money when it comes  to purchasing bongs.


It may be worth spending a little bit more money when it comes to purchasing bongs because you don’t want to purchase something that looks like a teenager would use it

As much as most people hate to admit it, there are all sorts of different stereotypes out there and each person will fall into a different stereotype. This can relatively harmless at times but then at other times it can impact a person’s life. For example, a person’s parents or a potential spouse may end up prematurely judging them just because of their recreational activities.

More often than not, people’s judgements will occur because of fear and because they simply do not understand the situation at hand. The good news is that there are small things that people can do that will help others not judge them so harshly so that they are able to have adult conversations with them and will have the chance to explain the situation a little better. And this is why it may be worth spending a little bit more money when it comes to purchasing bongs as people may be able to purchase items that look like something an adult would use rather than an immature teenager who is going through a phase.


It may be worth spending a little bit more money when it comes to purchasing bongs because there are just so many cool options available out there

While there may be some people out there who may be in a position where they are trying to prove a point, there are others who simply may not be aware of the fact that there is a large array of options out there that are available to them. This is because some people may have been purchasing the same thing from the same door for their whole lives and will not realise that there are plenty of other stores out there. For instance, there are plenty of online stores in this day and age that people can easily have access to.

This means that it may not only be worth people’s while to visit these kinds of stores but it may also be worth their while to spend a bit more money when purchasing bongs.


Why It Can Be Such A Good Idea To Visit A Show Room When On The Hunt For Leather Lounges For Your Home


For many people out there, they will have a crystal clear idea in their mind about what they are wanting to purchase for their home. And then there is some who are on the opposite end of the spectrum and who have essentially no idea about what they want and what they think will look great. For the latter, these people who need to go about getting a ton of inspiration so that they are able to narrow down the things that they do like and the things that they don’t like.

While this can sometimes be a lengthy process, it is usually well worth it as people will increase their chances of purchasing something that they really loved the first time. Not only is this better for their bank account but it is also better for the environment at large. And so, here is why it can be such a good idea to visit a showroom when on the hunt for leather lounges for your home.


It can be such a good idea to visit a showroom when on the hunt for leather lounges for your home because you are able to get a better idea of the types of options that are out there

One of the many reasons why people can often not make a decision is because they simply don’t know about the different types of options that are out there. Unless people have seen these options in other people’s houses, they aren’t really aware of the types of styles and materials that they could potentially enjoy. The good news is that people are easily able to get around this problem by visiting a showroom when they are on the hunt for leather lounges for their home.

When people do this, they not only get a better idea about what different styles there are but they can also get a better idea about what the different prices are. On top of all of this, people are able to chat to the staff members and can see if they have any advice or recommendations based on their needs. In conclusion, when people are feeling a bit stuck the best thing is usually for them to go out get some inspiration.


It can be a great idea to visit the showroom when you are on the hunt for leather lounges for your home because things can often look different in person than they do online

Another important reason why people should visit the showroom when they are on the hunt for leather lounges in their home is because things can often look different in person then they do online. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the company at hand was trying to trick people. It can sometimes simply mean that things look different depending on what the lighting is like. Furthermore, some people may say something that they like online but when they see it in person it is actually a lot smaller than what they had once thought.

The good news is that people can easily reduce the chances of making a mistake and buying something that they don’t like that much when they go to see things for themselves. This means that they are able to actually sit on the piece of furniture and can make sure that it is also comfortable. At the end of the day people need to be proactive when they are looking to spend a lump sum of money.