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Do you consider getting workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra for your business but are unsure if it’s worth the effort?

This disease can be potentially serious and even sometimes lead to hospitalisation and death. The strain of the virus that causes it changes every year and affects people differently, making it important to get immunised against it annually. The shot is the most effective way to minimise your risk of contracting the disease.

This article shares five reasons why you should definitely consider investing in immunising your staff.

1.     Last year’s immunisation won’t cut it


Over time, the body’s immune reaction to the immunisation decreases, which means annual workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra are needed to maintain protection against the disease. Additionally, the virus responsible for the disease is in constant flux, which means the strain in the immunisation needs to be changed every year. So this year’s strain will be different to last year’s, essentially.

2.     Cut down on sick days

The virus causes around 1.5 million sick days due to illness across Australia every year. This adds up to huge costs for businesses, who could have avoided much of these financial losses by investing in an immunisation program.

3.     Maintain a healthy environment

As a business it is important to have professional standards. Your business should be a healthy, safe place for your employees, and a key part of ensuring that this is the case is by having annual workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra. Did you know that hundreds of Australians die every year due to this disease? Ensuring that your business provides annual immunisations may play a role in reducing this statistic.

4.     Improve productivity

Naturally, fewer sick days and healthier staff will equate to better business productivity. Happy, healthy staff will perform better, helping everyone involved get the money they deserve.

5.     Educate your staff

Many people avoid getting workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra because they believe they simply “won’t get sick”, or because they think it’s not that bad – that it’s just like the common cold. In reality, it is possible for anyone to get a bad bout of the virus, resulting in serious illness and even potential death. This is why it is so vital to ensure your employees are aware of the dangers of not being immunised, as well of the benefits of getting the shot.

Additionally, there is a bit of misinformation out there regarding the disease. Ensure your staff know that the immunisation cannot give someone the disease. Side effects are only mild for most people – it’s usually just a bit of soreness and maybe some aching. And taking antibiotics does not treat this disease. The disease is caused by a virus, not bacteria, so antibiotics are useless against them.


How to get workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra

To request workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra, simply contact your provider of choice and ask for a quote. They will then organise a good day and time to come to your property. On the specified day, a team of experienced and trained nurses will administer the immunisations to your staff. This service is quite affordable, costing around $15-20 per person.

While workplace flu vaccinations in Canberra don’t guarantee your staff won’t get the disease, it does provide a high level of protection – it is between 50-60% effective for most people. This is both a cost-effective and ethical way to support your employees and ensure the professionalism and good reputation of your company. Get in touch with your local provider to find out more.


Post Author: Sara Salcido